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5 Things startups should outsource

In the modern 21st century, the way business is to be done has changed a lot. Startups who want to succeed have changed their approach significantly towards it, while those who resisted change slowly faded out. Today, profit maximization is no longer considered the main goal of a business. Instead, startups are being judged on the value addition that they do in the society, the society which apparently allows them to do business in it. Modern startups no longer do business the old way, where all the activities, be it mopping the floors, or dusting, were to be done by their own hired employees or laborers. Today, business houses like to focus on their one and only main goals, the goals which they have defined for themselves, and get unnecessary and redundant tasks, which are in no way concerned with their main goal, done by others. It is called Outsourcing. Imagine being a small businessman with very less number of employees. Instead of selling your product you would not be wanting to get stuck into unnecessary tasks which have no remote connection with the main purpose of your business. Outsourcing takes the burden of such tasks off your shoulders and instead lets you focus on the main tasks at hand. It helps in cost-cutting and time-saving, plus is a very professional alternative. After all, no businessman can be the ‘jack of all trades’, right!

There are a lot of firms who outsource facilities to other businesses, such as the prestigious RG Consultants Delhi, who keep on helping many High and Mid Level Startups out there.

While looking to outsource your work, we recommend these five things that you should definitely outsource-


For most small businesses, fulfilling their own accounting needs is an utter waste of time. Hiring your own accountant is a big strain on the exchequer of your business, and if you think that you yourself will be able to manage it, you’re clearly mistaken. All you’ll be doing is finding shortcuts to get over with this boring business of bookkeeping, and you’ll end up making mistakes. One small mistake in the accounts of the firm can result in a big manipulation of the figures, which might present a false picture to the public. Considering these points, it is best if this work is outsourced, with some good accounting firm in Delhi already doing it at cheap rates and professionally. Bookkeeping firm in Delhi such as RG Consultants are highly competent and they know for certain what they’re doing.


These days, the job of payroll involves very small and intricate functions. The government has made various rules and regulations regarding employee benefits, taxes of employees and other benefits which mostly depends on things such as turnover of the business and number of employees among other things. An average businessman is never aware of such things, plus handling of complex software and filling of details is clearly a redundant and time wasting task. If somehow any mistake is made in the Payroll the business runs the risk of having to pay unnecessary penalties, which just shows how beneficial it will be if the Payroll Management is outsourced. Outsourcing of Payroll Management services has become very popular amongst businesses these days.


Tax Compliance- 

Tax compliance directly affects many aspects of the business. It is the most important thing at which people outside your business look upon to judge your startup ‘ moral standards. For startups who decide to do their tax compliance by themselves, it has been observed that valuable time and human resource is wasted in the process of training new recruits about the various formalities and rules & regulations. Instead, it is better for businesses, especially the smaller ones to outsource this element of the business to the expert specialists, who handle this part for many such businesses. A whole bunch of consulting firm in Delhi provides these services.

Content Marketing- 

In the modern era of technology and with the increasing accessibility of the masses to probably the greatest invention of the 21st century, the Internet, businessmen have realized how important it is for them to use this technological sphere and market their products on it. Nowadays, if a business lacks a basic website, it is very much looked down upon. Most businesses houses who have decided to market their product on the internet, via their own website or some other online store rarely write the content of their product by themselves, and why should they when there are a  bunch of amazing content writers available, who just need a basic information about their products with a little reference, to produce amazing, internet optimized content which is perfect for them to market their products on the web.



Many times good startups lose customers just because of their communication skills. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to talking to the customers, both on the phone and online, and convincing them about certain things which they are looking for. Communication, as one might say, is an art, and as it turns out many businessmen decide to delegate this art to the artists. They just outsource it. Outsourcing makes it easy to handle the customers as you don’t have to answer every single online text, plus handling different types of customers is not everyone’s cup of tea. Businesses these days also outsource after sales customer care services, which are considered very important for a growing business.

All in all, a startup should outsource all those activities which are not related in any way to income generation. A business, before outsourcing, should make efforts to identify what activities actually help it in making profitable gains, and what activities are its weaknesses. After that, there should be concentration on its income generating activities and outsourcing of the activities it is weak in. That is how modern business houses reduce their workload, cut their costs, and make profitable gains in this modern competitive market. Sounds like a true mantra for success, doesn’t it?

Also when looking for an outsourcing services provider, don’t look too much, just come straightaway to RG Consultants. We have unparalleled experience in this area and is the best in their business. You don’t need anyone else if you have them!



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