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Flipkart Walmart deal Confirmed: Walmart acquires 77% stake in Flipkart for $ 16 bn

Flipkart-Walmart Deal Confirmed

Finally, the Walmart – Flipkart deal has wrapped up. The USA retail giant Walmart acquire the 77% stake in Indian No 1 E-commerce for a valuation of $ 16  bn. The most awaited deal has closed on 9th May 2018.



Public opinion about the deal

A recent public opinion poll conducted by the team RG Consultants has shown the positive response from the public towards the Flipkart- Walmart deal. However, the deal in between two high profile companies was a matter of high curiosity, but the sellers on Flipkart were facing huge confusion. Just after few hours from the wrap up of the deal, the CEO of Flipkart Mr. Kalyan Krishnamurthy has shared a personal Email to its seller. In the Email, he assured the sellers that there shall be no changes in the operations. He has also shared Flipkart future plan to invest in the technology, innovation, supply chain and business processes to grow the e-commerce market even more in coming years in India.


” There are going to be no changes in our operating processes as a result of this investment. Flipkart will continue to be a marketplace where sellers from around the country can connect with customers. We will keep making deep investments in technology, innovation, supply chain and business processes to grow the e-commerce market even more in coming years, with the aim to increase the number of people shopping online, and the average spends. Further, Flipkart and Walmart will maintain distinct brands and operating structures post this investment.”

Email from the Flipkart CEO


Now when the entry of US-based retail giant has cleared in the Indian E-commerce market, It will be interesting to see the straight way competition in between two Large Cap International players. The battle in between Walmart and Amazon will be more intense during coming days.

You may experience in the near future the share rise in the variety in low price as the Walmart experience will certainly revolutionize the Indian retail.



RG Consultants

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