India is all set for Flipkart Plus!

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August 10, 2018
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India is all set for Flipkart Plus!

Flipkart plus launch in India 15th August2018

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On 9th August, Flipkart announced the launch of Flipkart Plus in a very sensational manner. It is briefed as a platform designed fully on customer benefits program for India..

What is Flipkart Plus?

“There’s no better feeling than getting more than your money’s worth. So make sure you’ve saved room for a lot extra. On Independence Day, reward yourself with a slew of benefits as Flipkart launches Flipkart Plus, a one-of-a-kind no-fee customer benefits program with a wide range of benefits and rewards. And absolutely no strings attached.”

We have all witnessed the amazing turn of events in the eCommerce space since last couple of years. Giants of the corporate industry like paytm and Flipkart got acquired by whales like Walmart. Meanwhile Amazon was setting it’s firm grip in the Indian market with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is a as a subscription based plan that allows it’s subscribers to have extra benefits in all of Amazon’s services. The benefits mainly included faster delivery (4-hour delivery in Metros), special offers and early discounts on sales, unlimited free browsing on Amazon Prime.

Amazon prime was working like a charm in the market with only niche specific competitors like Netflix against Prime Video they already had an upper hand provided the shopping experience.

Flipkart didn’t want to lose the race. They were already lagging back as lots of things were going on with them (congratulations for $16bn!).

Flipkart Compared to Amazon Prime

Flipkart Plus is their answer to Amazon Prime. Looking at the features and benefits in the package Flipkart is all set to not just grab a bigger market than Amazon but even some of Amazon’s customer base too.

Yes, it’s that good!

Amazon charges 1,000rs annually for Prime subscription for the fast customer support, faster delivery, quick access to sales and more services like Amazon Prime Video. Flipkart has their upper hand right from here…

“Who doesn’t love a little more? A free cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, or the joy of having your anniversary gift delivered a day early, or just easier access to customer support when you need it the most. The best things in life are free, they say. So why pay extra — or pay at all? Think of all the reasons that make you happy while shopping at Flipkart, and add an extra dollop of goodness. That’s what Flipkart Plus is all about.”

Yes! Flipkart Plus is totally Free of cost! It also signs up it’s customers to a faster delivery service, on demand customer helpline and rewards you with Plus Coins when you shop on Flipkart. The value of Plus Coins is not yet disclosed but Flipkart has partnered with big digital brands where we can redeem these plus coins.

Flipkart has brought together an all rounder team of online shopping platforms to make Flipkart Plus a huge hit. The partners team is everything that we love, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip, Hotstar, Cafe Coffee Day, Zomato and more.

And the best fact that makes Flipkart Plus incredible is that it’s totally Free!

Why should you pay for being a happy and busy Flipkart customer?
The treat is on us!
Says Flipkart.

What is Flipkart Plus for customers?

Well obviously we are up for anything that we can benefit at free. Signing up for Flipkart Plus starts from tomorrow, 15th August 2018 – India’s 72nd Independence Day. Flipkart has also marked this day specifically for the launch saying;

Ten years and counting, our motto “Customer First” continues to be the driving force behind all our initiatives. Now, on India’s 72nd Independence Day, we celebrate the spirit of “More” with Flipkart Plus — our very own customer benefits program, which treats you to a little extra each time you shop on Flipkart.

For years now we have kept on demanding more from flipkart, more discount sales! Free Shipping! Priority Customer Support on Demand! Looks like Flipkart was really listening to its customers and came up with the something better anyone could have thought.

Free Shipping, early access to seasonal sales and ondemand helplines are just the beginning of this amazing plan. Remember how Amazon Prime started? Look at where it is now! It’s got it’s own huge customer base that is coming from traditional television media.

Flipkarts plus points sure sound promising, we will only see it tomorrow how cool they are.

What is Flipkart Plus for Seller?

Although, Flipkart has not disclosed any of the changes or benefits for the sellers on it’s platform but it sure is gonna be a huge sales tide for it’s partners. This might even attract the sellers from Amazon too, we are expecting the shift of customer base from Amazon Prime as well. (We will update this blog once anything on this front is witnessed).

Flipkart has returned a bang. Walmart must be all excited for Flipkart Plus since it looks like this was the plan all along, well played Walmart!

As an admirer of the eCommerce business and the way Flipkart handles opportunities on hand. We expect Flipkart must have encouraged all of its present partners with a lots of reports explaining them what to expect in sales figures. The partners on the Plus Coins end must also be setting up their plans to get things straight with Plus coins and ensure maximum customers reach for themselves in doing so.

It’s about time to the launch and we will be updating this blog as soon as we have the ball spinning. Stay tuned and keep updated to our blog posts by signing up through the form in the footer of this page.

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