Returns & Refund

RG Consultants guarantee you a full money refund on successfully buying a product or service from during the tenure of the past 7 years we have 99.99% customer satisfaction rate. If still, in any case, you don’t get satisfied with our service or any defect found in the product that you have purchased from the RG consultants website we guarantee to stop the services immediately and refund the money

In order to place a refund request, you have to contact us within 24 working hours on 011- 41086565 or Email You would be expected to share your experience feedback and the reason for applying for a refund. We consider our customer’s feedback very seriously and believe that it helps us to improve our services even more.

For subscription-based service, you will be entitled to place a refund request within 7 working days from the date of payment. However, our main objective is the complete satisfaction of our customers and we consider customer satisfaction above all.

No Return or Refund –

In the case where you applied for Digital signature through RG Consultants the abovesaid Refund and return policy do not apply. We do provide Digital Signature with complete testing. The customers are requested to make sure to check and verify all the details before accepting the token physically.
We do not accept any return or refund later. For any technical support, you may call 011 41086565 during Mon-Friday 10.00 am to 06.00 pm

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